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I spent several months looking for the right web design company to assist us with our web site. One of the key features I was looking for was the companies ability to work with me on the design and implementation as I would be managing the site on a day to day basis. Open Global were the only company that really understood what I was trying to achieve and worked with me to achieve my goals (and still do!)

Communication with me along every step has been excellent and every time I have had a query or issue it has been dealt with both quickly and professionally. I am very happy with the way out website has turned out and would quickly recommend Open Global to any of my clients in future.

Richard Snell, Lister Communications

OpenGlobal Random Ad Inserter

OpenGlobal Random Ad Inserter

This is a clever plugin for the Joomla CMS that randomly inserts your Google Adsense or YPN code into your articles. After you install the plugin, just enter your ad code (or any code at all, it doesn't have to be an ad) into the text box, set the number of times you want it randomly inserted into each article and tell it which articles and pages you want to exclude. Once the plugin is enabled it will randomly insert the code into your articles between paragraphs.

This plugin is based on the same concept as the Adsense and YPN Inserter plugin but has been completely rewritten by somebody who can actually program. It uses a fraction of the code, provides much more flexibility and doesn't break W3C compliance for no apparent reason.

You can download the plugin for free.


#4 Matt Lewis-Garner 2011-06-10 17:01
You are more than welcome to re-write it so that it works with K2 (but please re-publish it too for everyone to benefit).

We have no experience with K2 so we can't really give any advice on how to proceed though.
#3 PTroka 2011-06-10 16:35
Quoting Matt Lewis-Garner:
Unfortunately, there are no plans to support K2 at the moment. If there is enough demand, that may change though.

Ok, I understand...
But maybe could I alone rewrite it to make it work with K2, could You give me some advice how to do it?
#2 Matt Lewis-Garner 2011-06-10 07:53
Unfortunately, there are no plans to support K2 at the moment. If there is enough demand, that may change though.
#1 PTroka 2011-06-08 19:27
Great extension, there will be anytime version for K2 ?
Because I can't use that extension with com_k2, it only works with com_content.
Please send me infos about this,
greetins, PTroka

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