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I spent several months looking for the right web design company to assist us with our web site. One of the key features I was looking for was the companies ability to work with me on the design and implementation as I would be managing the site on a day to day basis. Open Global were the only company that really understood what I was trying to achieve and worked with me to achieve my goals (and still do!)

Communication with me along every step has been excellent and every time I have had a query or issue it has been dealt with both quickly and professionally. I am very happy with the way out website has turned out and would quickly recommend Open Global to any of my clients in future.

Richard Snell, Lister Communications

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems

OpenGlobal use a sophisticated content management system as standard for all of our clients so that you can keep your website up to date, add to it and even run a blog on your website. This and other essential features usually require an extra fee from our competitors, but we understand the need for these features in all websites, so they are part of our standard package.

Add a CMS to your existing website

If you already have a website but you do not have a content management system, contact us today on 0845 269 9624 to add a content management system to your existing website. You don't need to waste money on a brand new website if you just want to be able to update it.

Experience with a wide range of CMS packages

OpenGlobal are not restricted to a single type of CMS software package because we are experienced with a wide variety of content management systems. If you need assistance with Joomla, WordPress, Virtuemart, Actinic, Interspire, osCommerce or any other content management system and you are having problems, contact us today on 0845 269 9624 to see if we can give you the support you need to make your website a success.

See how easy it is for you to update your own website!
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Video showing how easy it is to update your website using our software.

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