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OpenGlobal run seminars providing helpful tips and advice for improving your website and getting better results from your online presence. See below for our upcoming seminar details.

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Dominate the Search Engines

Learn what search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about and how to do it yourself to save a fortune.

Tuesday 19th April, 2016

09:45 - 13:00

Pure Offices, Kestrel Court, Gloucester


Selling Effectively on the Internet

Learn about the technicalities and legal requirements of selling through your website. Understand all of the appropriate promotional techniques for e-commerce websites and discover how to weigh up the pros and cons of all of the different options.

Wednesday 25th November, 2015

09:45 - 13:00

Pure Offices, Kestrel Court, Gloucester


Master Class: How to do your own Search Engine Optimisation

Learn the simple techniques for improving your search engine rankings. All explained in layman's terms.

In partnership with the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Business West.


09:30 - 12:00

Leigh Court Business Centre, Bristol

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E-commerce Setup and Marketing

E-commerce is one of the few growth areas in retail over the past few years. Find out all you need to know to start selling your products online, and how to improve your sales with specialist e-commerce marketing strategies.

In partnership with Viso Marketing


09:00 - 13:00

Gloucester Guildhall

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Explosive Website Promotion

Free half-day seminar covering essential website promotion techniques, every website owner should know.


09:45 - 13:00

Gloucester Guildhall

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From Social NOTworking to Social NETworking

Free half-day seminar covering essential social networking principles with specific tips for each of the major networks


09:45 - 13:00

Gloucester Guildhall

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Comments from previous seminars

"Informative, well-presented seminar, giving a broad overview of the subject. A complex topic made accessible!"

"Very clear and helpful. I know a lot more now than I did 2 hours ago."
Rose Somerset, Snowball Works

"Matt gives a very relaxed but highly informative presentation."
Eric Witheridge, Omniis

"Really informative seminar presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand."
Carole McClelland, Equine Dentistry Blades

"Simple, easy to understand information, relative to the required end goal."
Hayley Cox, Anything Equine

"Very useful insight into SEO."
Ben Tupper, National Shower Spares

"Excellent seminar, full of really useful information on SEO"
Matt Read, Planterama

"Great seminar"
Andrew Stevens, Watts Truck and Van Centre

"A very interesting and informative morning. Many thanks"

"Provided excellent, technical detail in an understandable format. Happy to answer questions. Spoke with clarity."

"A very useful and informative seminar to point you in the right direction for SEO. Especially useful if you are just starting a new site/business."
John Moore, Blissful Gifts

"I thought it was an excellent seminar! The way you delivered the information was great and so easy to understand. We have been doing alot of work with the 3 main Social Networking sites, but how you presented the topics was still very enlightening! It was extremely useful and I learnt quite a bit! For you to do that for free left both myself, and I am sure for others, was highly appreciated!

Thanks again for your time and effort!"
Sean Cresswell,

"Extremely informative and I have learned a lot that I can put into practice." Leanda Bickley, Prontaprint

"The seminar was a great help." Theresa Hayes, Fish4Dogs

"Matt explains the intricacies of social networking very clearly." Eric Witheridge, Omniis

"Highly recommend Matt's seminars."

"Excellent content and very applicable to today's online community."

"Good honest advice."

"Lots of relevant, usable advice, well presented and very interesting."

"Matt's technical knowledge is very useful and very thorough but concise. His explanations are clear when answering our questions in context." Narjas Mehdi, Inklings Design

"The seminar was well managed and very capably presented by Matt. Recommended."

"Really useful and detailed overview of socmed [social media]."

"Very useful and informative seminar. I would recommend attending." Ms Zeb Nawaz, Bedmaker (Gloucester)

"Great website seminar - A must for anyone who owns a site." Jeff Evans, Viso Marketing

"An excellent introduction to the range of tools to consider in using the web in improving potential web visitor numbers. Definitely beneficial to an individual looking to improve their web presence, getting started, etc." Duncan Gilroy, Down the Line Design

"Well explained presentation."

"Well worth attending. Full of useful information for any small business." Any Coms

"Very useful information, presented in an easy to understand way. A good depth of knowledge given - great seminar." Ditsy Belle

"Confirmed a lot of what I did know and I learnt several new things."

"A very good introduction."

"Very helpful." Pat Lawback, Laubach Studios


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