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I spent several months looking for the right web design company to assist us with our web site. One of the key features I was looking for was the companies ability to work with me on the design and implementation as I would be managing the site on a day to day basis. Open Global were the only company that really understood what I was trying to achieve and worked with me to achieve my goals (and still do!)

Communication with me along every step has been excellent and every time I have had a query or issue it has been dealt with both quickly and professionally. I am very happy with the way out website has turned out and would quickly recommend Open Global to any of my clients in future.

Richard Snell, Lister Communications

New SEO training service

OpenGlobal is launching a new SEO training package to help small businesses to improve their website results.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be a very expensive process and, unfortunately, there are never any real guarantees of success. So, OpenGlobal has introduced a new package of two on-site training sessions for you and your staff to show you how to do your own search engine optimisation.

There are no real "secrets" to search engine optimisation and no complex techical skills required. As long as you can edit your own website, using a content management system (CMS), or other software, you can do your own SEO.

OpenGlobal's SEO training package consists of two half day training sessions, a month or two apart.

The first session will teach you about search engine optimisation techniques and show you how to apply them specifically to your website. We'll also show you how to monitor the results from your efforts and how to monitor your competitors.

The second session will start with an analysis of the results since the first session and will show you how to use this to adapt your SEO strategy for better results. The session will continue by teaching you some extra methods for identifying places to get quality links into your website, and a few other SEO techniques.

The training packages are only £200 per session and, of course, the skills that you learn can be applied to all of your websites, if you have more than one, at no extra cost.

Contact us now to find out more about our search engine training course or to arrange your first session.

The training requires that you are able to update your own website. If you do not have this facility, contact us to find out how we can added this functionality to your website.

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