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Excellent Service! Incredibly impressed - really delighted with the website that has been created. It looks beautiful, is incredibly fast and OpenGlobal have been a pleasure to work with. It has been a really successful project - with any amendments and changes made with lightning speed, I can not recommend this company highly enough. Am very glad I came across them when I did. They are sincere, patient, professional and very affordable. Thank you OpenGlobal for making such a project possible and doing such a great job!

Vicky Wright, SI Directory

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Is this the perfect package insert policy?

"Package inserts" are becoming quite a popular marketing tool over the past couple of years. It basically means adding extra things to the packages that you send out to your e-commerce customers to encourage repeat sales.

Usually, this is just leaflets for other products or a special offer. But last week, I encountered probably the best package insert policy that we've come across so far.


Why we can't just give a quote for "such and such" a website

We regular receive requests for quotes for a website with a very simple specification. Sometimes it's "a five page website", or it could be "an e-commerce website to sell X, Y and Z".

The intentions are honest enough, but unfortunately, the specifications just aren't detailed enough to give a fixed quote.


How to sell online effectively without competing on price

We are living in an age where selling online is nothing new. There are now hundreds, if not thousands of companies in every sector selling products. All competing with you.

It can be very tempting, especially if you are selling identical products to your competitors, to just try to undercut your competitors slightly.

But they're is a much better, and much more profitable way to do business.


Was the Mobilegeddon hype worth it?

Back in April, we wrote about the upcoming Google algorithm changes regarding mobile optimisation, and we advised people not to be scared into spending money until we knew the full extent of the changes and the repercussions.

So, we've done some analysis of the Google Analytics data on the sites that we manage to see what the differences are since the changes.

Was it worth the hype?


What are your legal obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act?

The Disability Discrimination Act requires all websites to be written in a way that doesn't hinder people with disabilities. So you'd expect all reputable web design companies to create websites that satisfy the legislation.

But the web design industry isn't "reputable". It's full of cowboys and amateurs.

The vast majority of web designers are completely ignoring the legislation.

So what is actually involved?


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