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I am pleased with our website designed for us by OpenGlobal. I'm finding that we are getting a lot of custom when people Google for salons in the area! I ask why they choose us and they always say they loved the website, the competitors'  websites did not impress them a great deal. If they are impressed by the website then they felt they would be impressed by the salon... Many thanks for the help. Also, whenever we need help and assistance with the website, they are always there!

Mandy Harrison - Mind, Body and Soul

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Improve your SEO and social media engagement with our blog writing service

We all know that blogging can be a great way to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as providing great content to feed to your social media engagement campaigns, but who really has the time? Blogging and social media are hugely time consuming exercises so should not be taken on lightly.

We frequently see companies who have started blogging, but find that they just don't have the time. Or they've discovered that they can't think of things to write about. And others don't even start because they know they're terrible at writing.

Well now OpenGlobal E-commerce can solve all of these problems with our new blog writing service. We can develop ideas for content and articles and turn them into fully prepared blog articles to simply publish and push to your social media campaigns.


Should you run your own affiliate campaign or use an affiliate network?

The cost of joining an affiliate network is usually very high, and almost all of them now have a monthly fee too, which makes it look quite unattractive if you're new to affiliate marketing.

Alternatively adding an affiliate campaign plugin to your website is usually cheap and easy.

So what do you actually get for your money when using an affiliate network? And is it worth it?


E-commerce destroys Jessops

It's not a nice start to the year when a well known High Street chain goes bust and more than a thousand people lose their jobs with only a few hours notice.

There are clearly many reasons for Jessops' downfall, but e-commerce has played a key part.

Or rather, a poor e-commerce strategy has played a key part.


How to sell your products on cashback sites

There are literally hundreds of cashback websites and reward scheme websites around today. The principle is quite simple; just like a supermarket reward card scheme, like Nectar, when you spend with the partner websites, you get rewards, or cashback.

So, as an online retailer, how do you partner with these cashback sites?


What's the cheapest realistic way to start selling online?

In the early days of e-commerce, the only way to sell your products or services directly through your website was to spend tens of thousands of pounds employing a programmer to develop it from scratch. Thankfully, those days are over and there is a plethora of off-the-shelf e-commerce software packages. You can now get a website for free and start selling online for next to nothing.

But do these free/almost free offers really work?


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