AdWords & PPC

Google AdWords is one of the most popular forms of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and because of its "bidding" price system, its popularity makes it one of the most expensive forms of PPC advertising.

Why choose OpenGlobal PPC Management?

  • £50 free AdWords voucher
  • Set your own expenditure limit
  • Use a range of different programs, not just AdWords
  • Avoid common costly mistakes
  • Results-based
  • Include specialist programs for e-commerce websites

As the name suggests, the basic idea of PPC advertising (like Google AdWords) is that whenever somebody clicks on your advert, you pay a predefined fee. Some PPC programs have a fixed fee per click so that all advertisers pay the same amount, whilst others, like Google AdWords, use a bidding system, so that the more you are prepared to pay, the higher up or the more frequently your ad will be displayed.

Frequently cheaper

Bing (Microsoft's search engine) and Yahoo also run similar programs to Google AdWords and because they are less popular, the bidding process means that they are frequently cheaper.

OpenGlobal have experience of using many forms of PPC advertising so we can advise you on the best way to advertise your website. This is in stark contrast to most AdWords companies who will only try to sell you AdWords whether its good for your business or not.

So contact OpenGlobal today on 0845 269 962 4 to discuss using Google AdWords or any of the other PPC advertising avenues that can drive targetted traffic to your website.