Why We're Different

OpenGlobal is driven from a passion for using technology, not for its own sake, or because its cool, but to make things better.

In an industry where most websites just sit there, looking pretty, but doing very little to bring in new leads and new customers, we believe that the web should be a cost effective sales and marketing tool.

We believe:

  • the web should be an integral part of your company's marketing plan, and it should be effective!
  • your website should be a dynamic and evolving reflection of your company, not a stagnating brochure waiting for inspiration.
  • your website should serve your goals, not our portfolio.
  • using the web should make you successful.

If you believe this too, join us.

How We're Different

Gloucester-based OpenGlobal E-commerce do things a bit differently to other web design companies. We have four founding principles.

Straight-talking, honest advice

Over the past 17 years we've seen our fair share of "next big things" on the internet and most of them turned out to be just hype.

We're not interested in baffling you with jargon and buzzwords. If something is useful, we'll tell you; if it's probably just hype, we'll tell you.

And we'll tell you why, in layman's terms. We always give a straight answer to a straight question.

The complete package

We are a complete website management company, not just a web designer, not just an SEO consultant.

Because we cover all aspects of website management, we can give you an honest opinion of what marketing methods will work for you, your industry and your company and devise an appropriate marketing strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to web marketing. An SEO-only company will just try to sell you SEO, a pay-per-click company will just try to sell you pay-per-click, whether these are right for your company or not.

If you just want web design, there are plenty of companies to choose from. But if you want results, choose OpenGlobal.

E-commerce experts

Whilst we will cater for any type of company, we have in-depth experience of e-commerce and the specialist techniques for promoting online shops.

There are many marketing techniques which are aimed specifically at online shops and most web design companies are completely unaware of these. These techniques are used by most of the biggest web shops in the world and have been instrumental in their success.


Our industry has a reputation for amateurs and cowboys. Unfortunately, this reputation is well deserved.

It is shocking that after analysing hundreds of our competitors, we have not found a single one that follows established industry standards, the Disability Discrimination Act, the Data Protection Act, The European E-commerce Directive and the European Privacy & Communications Directive.

All of the websites and online shops that we create adhere to all of these rules.