Website Marketing and Promotion

E-commerce Website Marketing and Promotion in Gloucester

10 or 15 years ago, just having a website gave a reasonable guarantee of having at least some success with it. But in the modern world with millions of websites that you're competing with, it's much more difficult to get your site seen and to make it a success.

Websites are no longer the promotion and marketing tool in themselves, they are an entity which needs to be actively promoted and marketed as well.

OpenGlobal is a different kind of website consultancy specialising in promoting and marketing websites, especially online shops. This means that rather than just designing your website, handing it over to you and then moving on to the next client just like the vast majority of web designers, we prefer to work with you for the long term to promote your website and to make it a success selling online.

Our website marketing services can include the obvious things like search engine optimisation and Google AdWords (or other PPC programs). But we excel at the more advanced techniques involving affiliate marketing and inbound link generation through forum marketing and social networking media.

E-commerce websites that sell products over the internet can see huge increases in sales using our specialist techniques and the possibility of using a commission-based model means that you only pay for results.

Please contact us on 0845 269 9624 to find out more about our bespoke website promotion services which can be specifically tailored to your budget.