SEO is not a crime

Some people are under the impression that SEO is some kind of immoral tactic for gaining an unfair advantage over your competitors, or that it involves tricking the search engines into giving you higher rankings.

But this is not the case. The search engines actually recommend search engine optimisation and even give advice on good SEO tactics. There's nothing immoral or devious about it. SEO is not a crime.

SEO is all about structuring your webpages so that it is easy to identify the subject and meaning of the page. This means that search engines find it easier to rank your website confidently.

There are ways of tricking search engines into believing your site is better than it is, or about a different subject to what it actually is. Search engines do not advise this, and actively monitor to prevent it. If you get caught doing it, your site will get banned. This is not SEO, it is just tricking the search engines.

Some people think that SEO involves stuffing your webpages with keywords. But this is not true. A webpage stuffed with keywords is no use to your visitors, so the search engines aren't going to rank it very highly.

Genuine SEO is beneficial for you, because it is beneficial for the search engines. The better they understand websites, the better results they can give to their visitors.

So make it easy for the search engines, optimise your website, and they'll reward you for it. The search engines are very clever, they won't blindly give credit just for stuffing keywords in your pages and they won't stand by and let unscrupulous webmasters try to pollute their search results with bad websites.

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