There's no magic bullet

Every day, people ask me what the secret is to getting good rankings for a website, or what the secret is to making money online. And the truth is, there is no secret, just hard work.

It's just like the offline world, there's no secret to easy millions in the offline world, and there's no secret online either. There's no secret knowledge or understanding that will instantly make your website a success and have the revenue pouring in.

I've had clients say "my friend says that if I get a website address with my main keyword in it, that'll get me number one rankings in Google".


It will definitely help and is one of the most important things to think about, but it's not a magic bullet. There are millions of websites with their keywords in the web address that are failing, and there are millions of websites with no keywords in the address that are doing just fine.

After all, there's no keywords in

People say "if i stick all my keywords on my website, that'll put me at the top of Google".

Again, that's rubbish.

Keyword placement is a complex and delicate subject that all the most successful website owners spend vast amounts of time and money testing, trialling, monitoring and updating to improve their results.

I've heard people say "if I put AdSense on my site I can live off the earnings".

Whilst this might be true, it will only be true if you receive at least ten thousand visitors per day, preferably more like a hundred thousand visitors.

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people say "my website is rubbish, it doesn't get any visitors, I need it redesigned properly".

Unfortunately, the design of your website is largely irrelevant to the success of it. This isn't the secret factor either. The effort that you or your management company are prepared to put into your website will bring much greater returns than just redesigning it.

In short, to make your website a success will either take a lot of time, or a lot of money, but probably both. There are absolutely no quick fixes or magic bullets, no matter what some dodgy web designers may have told you or what dodgy emails or advice you may have received.

I like to make sure that all of our clients are fully aware of this truth before they become our clients. Our reputation depends on this understanding. We do not want to lose our clients because they are under a false impression that we know some magic trick that will work wonders.

Our clients get out of their website what they put in. Our content management system enables them to put in time rather than money if they want (or need) to.

Contact us if you want an honest approach to your website management.