Get your products on Google Base

If you sell your products through your website, Google Base is probably the best source of free marketing that you can get. For some websites, it's their best sales generator completely.

So why is it so powerful and how do you get your products on there?

If you go to Google, you'll notice a "Products" or "Shopping" link at the top. If you click on this link, it will take you to the Google Product Search, which used to be known as "Froogle". This is basically a price comparison site although it no longer defaults to displaying products in price order.

The importance of price comparison websites has been well documented for numerous industries, probably most famously the insurance industry.

The advantage of Google Product Search is that it uses the free Google Base system, so you don't have to pay to get your products on it. It is a hugely popular website in itself, but Google Base products are also displayed in the normal Google search results if you search for recognisable products. You've probably already seen it many times without realising it.

This means that even people that have never heard of the Google Product Search site, can still see the products listed in Google Base.

There are several software packages that will create a Google Base feed for your website, your content management system may already do it. By creating a Google Base account and submitting this feed, all of your products can be added to Google Base to appear in the Google Shopping Search and their normal listings.

Many other websites, such as, will also accept the Google Base feed format if you want to advertise your products on their websites too. So a single feed can get your products onto a lot of different websites.

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