OpenGlobal Disable Checkout for Joomla

OpenGlobal have released a simply yet very effective extension for Joomla which disables the check-in/check-out functionality for frontend users.

So many users are frustrated when they (or fellow editors) check out an article to edit it but forget to check it back in correctly. This creates problems for everyone until an administrator manually checks them all back in again.

Whilst this is useful functionality on a lot of websites, the downsides greatly outweigh the positives for many more websites, and yet, the developers STILL haven't added a configuration setting to disable this functionality.

So, if you want to remove this feature, simply install our new module and publish it in any module position across all pages of your site. This will make sure that nothing is every locked out again.

It works across Joomla 15 and 1.6 (and probably 1.0 too). You can download the module for free.