Publish your Google Base feed to TheFind

Those of you with e-commerce websites should already know the huge benefits of submitting a product feed to Google Base/Google Products. But did you know that they are other similar programs that will advertise your products for free?

TheFind is probably the biggest of the free ones and best of all, it uses the exact same feed format that Google uses. So, if you're already submitting to Google, it's incredibly easy to set up an account on TheFind.

First, it's important to decide the correct site to submit your feed to. The site is aimed solely at the UK market, whilst the .com site is aimed almost entirely at the US market and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any cross-over. So if you target both markets, you may need to create an account on each and submit your feed to them independently.

Once you have selected which site you want to target, simply create a merchant account, claim, or submit, your store and then submit the details of your Google Base feed. Then within a couple of days, you should start to see your products added to their product search engine.

It should be stressed that TheFind is nowhere near as big as the Google Products search so don't expect the same level of sales to be generated from it. However, it is so easy to set up that there is no point not doing it.

There are quite a few bugs in the merchant account system on their website which can make it a little bit frustrating, but it's worth trying to get it done because once it's done, it's all automated.

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