How to get your site listed on voucher code websites

Voucher code websites are very popular these days with lots of new ones springing up all the time. However, there are a handful of really successful ones that are sending hundreds of millions of pounds worth of sales to their advertisers. These types of websites simply list discount codes that people can use when buying products online to get discounts on their orders.

So how do you get listed on these websites so that you can start receiving visitors (and hopefully sales) from them?

Most of the larger voucher code websites will gladly have a link to your website for free providing you have at least one discount code running on your online shop. They will usually have an online form where you can enter your details, or sometimes you can just email your details to them.

However, the voucher code websites won't earn any money from this, so they won't make any effort to promote your shop.

In order to get a decent level of exposure on these websites, there are two ways to do this.

Some of the larger voucher code websites will have an advertising scheme where you can pay for extra exposure, get into their newsletters and a wealth of other services.

The downside to this method is that it isn't entirely results oriented. You are paying for advertising whether it works or not.

However, the one thing that pretty much all of the voucher code websites have in common is that they run from affiliate programs. Any websites that run an affiliate program through one of the major affiliate agencies can be assured that they will (almost automatically) appear on all of the voucher code websites. Even if there are no valid discount codes running on your online shop, the voucher code websites will still try to promote your website, they will just have a notice saying that there are no discount codes at the moment.

The best part of it is that because it is using affiliate marketing, you only pay a commission for completed sales, there are no other advertising costs.

Many companies who promote their website using affiliate marketing find that voucher code websites account for most of their online sales, so this is clearly a major promotional technique which you shouldn't miss out on.

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