Free Seminar: Web Marketing and SEO

The next in OpenGlobal and Viso Marketing's series of seminars will help you understand the mysteries of online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

These seminars are unique in that they cover both the technical and marketing aspects, to give you a fully rounded approach to web marketing.

Bust the jargon and discover what it all means in plain English. Find out how to help improve the position of your site in the search engine rankings to attract more visitors and, critically, make more sales.

Find out how to use the latest technology and techniques to market your products and services cost effectively. See what advantages the internet provides over traditional advertising methods. Discover cheaper alternatives to Google AdWords and other high profile advertising programs. Learn the techniques to present your product in the best way to attract customers and feature in search engine results.

Web Marketing and SEO

This ½ day workshop will help you to:

  • Appreciate the basics of SEO to achieve the most favourable search engine results
  • Understand how to research keywords that sell and improve SEO
  • Discover how to present your product to maximise online sales
  • Develop descriptions and titles which will  help make your product stand out online
  • Understand the 4 types of online advertising and how to use each one effectively
  • Understand where and how to advertise online and avoid the common mistakes

Seminar dates

1 Using Social Media and Marketing for Business Tuesday, 27th March Gloucester Guildhall
09:00 - 13:00
2 Web Marketing and SEO Wednesday, 23rd May Gloucester Guildhall
09:00 - 13:00
3 E-commerce Setup and Marketing Friday, 14th September Gloucester Guildhall
09:00 - 13:00

To enrol for any or all of these seminars simply contact us with the number of the seminar or seminars you wish to attend.