If web designers designed cars

Web designers are traditionally seen as some of the most unprofessional and shoddy people working in IT (especially by professionals elsewhere in the IT industry). I'll explain why by showing some examples of stereotypical web designer behaviour applied to the car design industry.

This is just our light-hearted take on the old "If Microsoft made cars" jokes that went around.

If web designers designed cars instead....

Your car would only work properly on certain types of road, say, only on B roads. Any attempt to use your car on other roads would result in a spluttering engine and eventually a complete breakdown. The car might even have a nice reminder displayed on it saying "This car best driven on B roads".

Your car would not satisfy any relevent legislation. The car would fail an MOT straight from the factory with dodgy brakes, headlights and bald tyres. If you query this with the designer, he'll say that this is fine because nobody else's car is legal either and it doesn't matter.

The car will look stunning, really modern and impressive. Unfortunately, the wheels will be square, the engine will be made from marshmallows and there will be no steering wheel because it didn't fit in with the design theme.

If you want a car that can reach the speed limit, you'll have to pay extra. The sheer number of cars that cannot reach the speed limit will generate an entire industry of companies constantly pestering you to optimise your car to be able to reach the speed limit.

You'll pay a monthly fee for your car, but whenever you ask for help, your calls and emails will go unanswered and unreturned.

The designer would never have driven a car or really have much of an idea what a car was for and what would make a good car.

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