Cookie Law Tool

The "cookie law" is now in force. If your website uses any of the following tools, you will now need to have a consent form on every page of your website:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google +1 button
  • FaceBook Like button
  • Twitter Follow button
  • LinkedIn Follow button
  • AddThis
  • YouTube videos
  • Or if you use any major CMS, or ASP/.NET

The easiest way to comply with the cookie law is to cut and paste the following code into your website (changing the ########## to the address of your privacy policy). Either paste it into every page of your website, or if you have a CMS, page it into the template area so that it appears on every page of your website:

<!-- Copyright (c) OpenGlobal. GNU/GPL V3 licence. You may copy and modify this, providing the link to remains intact. -->
<div id="openglobal_privacy_widget" style="display: inline; text-align:right; font-size: 13px; line-height: 100%; position: fixed; top: 0; right: 0; margin: 0; padding: 0 0 0 3px; background: #dddddd; z-index: 100000; opacity:0.9; filter: alpha(opacity=90);">
Accept <a title="This website uses cookies to store information on your computer. Some of these cookies are used for visitor analysis, others may be necessary for the website to function properly. You should configure your browser to only accept the cookies you wish to approve, or leave this website." rel="privacy" href="##########">Cookies</a>?
<button id="openglobal_privacy_accept" style="vertical-align: middle;" onclick="openglobal_privacy_accept();return false;">Yes</button>
<button id="openglobal_privacy_wait" style="vertical-align: middle;" onclick="clearTimeout(openglobal_privacy_timer);return false;">Wait</button>
<button id="openglobal_privacy_leave" style="vertical-align: middle;" onclick="window.location='';">Leave</button>
<br />
<span style="font-size: 9px">Provided by <a href="" title="OpenGlobal e-commerce web design and promotion">OpenGlobal E-commerce</a></span>
<script type="text/javascript">
var openglobal_privacy_timeout = 0;
var openglobal_privacy_functions = [];

var openglobal_privacy_widget = document.getElementById('openglobal_privacy_widget');
var results = document.cookie.match ( '(^|;) ?openglobal_privacy_widget=([^;]*)(;|$)' );
if (results) {
  if (1 == unescape(results[2])) {
} else {
  window.onload = function() {
    for (var i = 0; i < document.links.length; i++) {
      var link_href = document.links[i].getAttribute('href');
      if ('privacy' != document.links[i].getAttribute('rel') && (!/^[\w]+:/.test(link_href) || (new RegExp('^[\\w]+://[\\w\\d\\-\\.]*' + {
        var current_onclick = document.links[i].onclick;
document.links[i].onclick = function() {openglobal_privacy_accept();if ( == '[object Function]') {current_onclick();}};

var openglobal_privacy_timer;
if (openglobal_privacy_timeout > 0) {
   openglobal_privacy_timer = setTimeout('openglobal_privacy_tick()', 1000);
} else {
  var openglobal_privacy_wait = document.getElementById('openglobal_privacy_wait');
  if (null != openglobal_privacy_wait) {
function openglobal_privacy_tick() {
  if (0 >= --openglobal_privacy_timeout) {
  var openglobal_privacy_accept_button = document.getElementById('openglobal_privacy_accept');
  if (null != openglobal_privacy_accept_button) {
    openglobal_privacy_accept_button.innerHTML = 'Yes (' + openglobal_privacy_timeout + ')';
    openglobal_privacy_timer = setTimeout('openglobal_privacy_tick()', 1000);

function openglobal_privacy_accept() {
  document.cookie = 'openglobal_privacy_widget=1; path=/; expires=Mon, 18 Jan 2038 03:14:00 GMT';
  for (var i = 0; i < openglobal_privacy_functions.length; i++) {

If you don't have a privacy policy yet, you are welcome to copy and adapt our privacy policy, but please make sure you take professional legal advice. We take no responsibility for this tool or our privacy policy on your website.

For more details of how this works, see our in-depth cookie law article, or check out our advanced usage if you're a competent programmer.

This tool is provided completely free of charge providing the attribution link back to our website remains.

We may update this code if the law, or the ICO guidance, changes, so subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you keep track of any important changes.