VirtueMart Developers, Gloucestershire

If you are looking for VirtueMart developers in the UK, then you have found the right company. OpenGlobal are not only VirtueMart developers, we are the only active VirtueMart core developers on the VirtueMart 2 project itself in the UK.

With our in-depth knowledge of the internal workings of the VirtueMart e-commerce platform, you are assured the best possible integration of your requirements. With our privileged position within the VirtueMart developer community, we can ensure that any development work takes planned future changes into consideration to ensure that future upgrades do not break your system.

We already have a selection of fully supported VirtueMart extensions to choose from, including payment processor plugins. We are based in Gloucestershire, in the UK, but we have clients around the UK and Europe.

We can create bespoke VirtueMart extensions and modifications tailored just for you. Or, to save on costs, you can fund the development of custom extensions to suit your requirements which will also be released to the public.

Contact us now on 0845 269 9624 to discuss your requirements. We always work to fixed quotes, so you know in advance how much our development will cost. If it takes us longer than we estimate, that's our problem, not yours.