New LinkedIn group for e-commerce in Gloucestershire

We've just launched a new LinkedIn Group, Gloucestershire E-commerce, to help local companies who are selling their products and services online to help each other to make the most of their websites.

When selling online, there are many new techniques and technologies which just don't apply to the offline selling world. So it doesn't come naturally. This is probably the reason why so many web designers are so awful at helping e-commerce clients.

I would hazard a guess that more people struggle with e-commerce businesses than with offline businesses, simply because it is so different and non-intuitive.

As Gloucester's only e-commerce specialist web designer, we know that the e-commerce industry is constantly changing, and even we find it difficult to stay on top of everything. But hopefully, with the power of this LinkedIn group, our clients and other local businesses who want to sell online can as questions and get answers to help them make their website a success.