The 2 types of website and why you might not need one

We're going to be slated by our competitors for this article. Why would a web design agency tell people they don't need a website?!

Well, there are really only 2 main reasons for having a website, and if you don't have thoses reasons (or one we haven't thought of) then there's no point wasting your time and money.

We frequently speak to people who have a website, but it doesn't really have a goal. They got it because everybody else has one and these days it's one of the first things that come to mind when starting a new business.

They've literally got one just to tick the box.

We try to filter out these sorts of prospects because if the client does have any requirements, how can we know what to aim for or whether we've satisfied them. We just don't want the agro if the client subsequently develops some requirements and the website doesn't satisfy them.

The first category of website is as a reference website. It's somewhere to point people who need more information, and it's something for people to find when they are googling your name, instead of finding your competitors.

This sort of website doesn't need a marketing strategy, it doesn't need a fancy design, it just needs to exist, have a simple navigation, and appear in the search results when people search for your company name.

If this is what you are looking for, pretty much any web design agency can help you. Just opt for the cheapest one that seems competent.

But to be honest, you might as well just get one of those free websites (or budget websites) that you see advertised everywhere. Something basic to put your information on. But just don't expect it to generate any new business. The best that you can realistically hope for on that front is that it helps you to stop losing new business.

The other type of website is, of course, the type that is intended to generate new business.

The big problem occurs when these two get mixed up; you're being sold the first type, but you're thinking that you're getting the second type.

The reality is that the second type is much more difficult to achieve. It costs a lot more, either time, money, or both. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the website will promote itself, and automatically drive new customers. It doesn't work like that, despite what most disreputable web designers will tell you.

It's important to know the difference and it's important to know which type you've got.

The truth is that if you can't afford (or don't want to invest in) the second type of website, and if the first type is of no interest to you, then there probably isn't really any point in having a website at all.

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