Google AdWords management service

Google AdWords is a very popular way to advertise your website. But with all of the different settings and options, and with all of the analytical data that you're given, how do you make sure it works for you and doesn't just become a black hole for money.

OpenGlobal's Google AdWords management service can take care of all of this for you.

We start by selecting the right keywords to advertise against. Some keywords may seem obvious, but they are unlikely to result in buying customers (for example, a telecoms company shouldn't bid on the keyword "telecoms", nobody who want a telephone system will search for "telecoms").

Other keywords may be good, but they're just too expensive. This is one of the biggest problems. Google AdWords is an auction, and it's a very popular auction, which makes it the most expensive auction. So many companies just end up in bidding wars with each other and the price goes through the roof. It's just not worth it.

The next phase is to set up your campaign(s) and Ad Groups effectively, making sure that you're only advertising in the right locations, at the right times for your business. Ad Groups give you the ability to tailor different parts of your campaign differently.

Our on-going management of your campaign ensures that as things change (which they invariably do over time) and as more analytical data builds, your campaign can be adapted to make it even more cost effective.

This includes monitoring the positions on your ads in the search results. Bidding yourself to the number one position is rarely a cost effective method.

Monitoring and adapting the ads themselves is also essential. With a selection of different ads, some will be clicked on more than others. And here is a crucial point, some will actually be cheaper for some of your keywords than others.

Google AdWords is a complex system. And it isn't for everyone. There are sometimes better alternatives. Contact us on 0845 269 9624 and speak to us about how we can manage your online advertising campaigns and we'll give you straight answers. If it's not right for you, we'll tell you straight.