Is this the perfect package insert policy?

"Package inserts" are becoming quite a popular marketing tool over the past couple of years. It basically means adding extra things to the packages that you send out to your e-commerce customers to encourage repeat sales.

Usually, this is just leaflets for other products or a special offer. But last week, I encountered probably the best package insert policy that we've come across so far.

I had ordered a replacement bike tyre for my young daughter's bike from

When the package arrived, my daughter was naturally excited that she'd be able to ride her bike again and sat down beside me as I opened the packaging. I pulled the replacement tyre out of the bag and she excitedly yanked it out of my hands. I continued emptying the bag, pulling out leaflets for other related products that we may be interested in, a leaflet about a cycle insurance policy that we could take out, a couple of leaflets with discount codes on future orders. The usual sort of stuff.

Then I noticed that the bag was still heavy, so I turned the bag upside down, and out fell three little bags of Haribo sweets.

My daughter tossed the bike tyre aside as if it was of no importance and pounced on the little bags of sweets.

She asked me if I'd bought the sweets as well and I explained that no, they'd just given them to us for free.

Those three little bags of sweets would've cost a matter of pence, but my daughter is already asking what else we can buy for her bike from the internet. When it comes to me buying anything else for her bike, there's only one place that I'll be allowed to buy it from.


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