Don't tell your visitors what software to use

1) This site is designed for use with Internet Explorer 6.

2) If you don't have Internet Explorer 6, get lost, we don't want your custom.

If you use the first sentence on your website, your visitors read the second one.

Your visitor does not want to know what piece of software you think he should be using. He paid for his computer, he will damn well choose which software to install on it. Not you.

If you think you can control the web, then you are more stupid and egotistical than Microsoft. You will NEVER succeed in telling a visitor which browser to use. So don't even try. Writing a website is YOUR job. Do it properly or don't do it at all.

If you can't get it to look right on a certain browser, then pay someone else who can. Because otherwise, any visitors who use that browser will never be a customer of yours.

The thing that annoys me the most (and no doubt other web users) is that you are not only too stupid to write a website that works on every browser, but you are proud of this fact and want to advertise it on your own website. How moronic is that?

The internet is an open platform. You don't own it. Get over it, or go bust.