Web Design in Gloucester

Finding web designers in Gloucester and the surrounding area is a simple task. There are nearly 200 web designers in Gloucestershire alone. It is narrowing them down that is the problem.

A word of mouth recommendation is a good way of choosing one, but failing that, here's a few ways that you can rule out a large number of them.

Firstly, rule out any web designers that offer neat little packages like "3 page website for £99". These are template websites and even at this low price, you are being ripped off. Your website will appear close to nowhere in the search engines if you choose one of these options.

Next, rule out all of the web designers that are creative design companies rather than IT companies. Website design is not a creative design process, it is an IT process. Getting good rankings in the search engines is an IT job, and satisfying the industry design standards is an IT job. The attractiveness of your site is secondary in comparison to these.

You should have now reduced your list quite significantly.

Next, you should rule out any web design companies that do not offer a website management service. A stagnant website produces no results. Don't fall into the trap of thinking any old website will do. Choose a web designer that realises that website management is an on-going process.

If this hasn't narrowed your list down to just OpenGlobal, you should check the W3C complaince of the remaining companies. check all of the major pages on their website, AND their client websites at the W3C validator one page at a time. There are many web designers in Gloucester that make their own website W3C compliant, but aren't professional enough provide their clients with the same level of expertise.

This will reduce your list to just OpenGlobal. We know this, because we checked every single website designer in Gloucestershire ourselves.