Don't use automatic submission services

There are literally thousands of submission services on the internet that will submit your website to 10, 100, 1000, or even 1,000,000 search engines and directories. They can cost as little as £5 or £200 as a one of fee, or some of them even charge an ongoing fee for doing this.

So how do you choose which of these submission services to use? Do you just choose the one that submits them to the most search engines and directories?

The answer is simple.

Don't use any of them, They could hurt your search engine rankings considerably.

For a start, think about this. How many search engines and directories have you heard of?




If you can think of ten off the top of your head, you're doing very well.

If you're expecting a whole load of new visitors coming from the thousands of search engines and directories that your website will be submitted to, you're in for a nasty surprise.

Nobody has heard of those directories, and nobody uses them. Everybody uses just a handful of search engines and directories. In fact, to be completely honest, In Europe and the english speaking world, 99% people only use just google Yahoo and MSN/Bing.

I know this, you know this, and the people marketing their automated submission services know this.

The idea behind these services is not to get visitors to your website, instead it's just to get links to your website. The idea is that the more links you have to your website, the higher you will appear on the main search engines.

And whilst this is true in general, you should be very careful. It's not just the number of links to your website that count, but the quality too. In other words, where those links are coming from.

If you have thousands of links to your website from disreputable websites, your search engine rankings will actually go down. You may even find that your website gets banned from some search engines completely. And that is disastrous for your business.

The problem is that you just don't know what directories your website is going to be submitted to, so you don't know if they are considered good quality or not. And the larger the number of directories that your website will be submitted to using these services, the higher the chance that some of them will be a hindrance to your rankings.

Don't take the risk.

If you are managing your own web presence, submit your site to reputable search engines and directories that you know about and check each one to make sure that it is considered a reputable site by the main search engines.

If you are using OpenGlobal's management service, you can rest assured that your inbound links are being properly managed. We only ever hand submit websites to search engines and directories to ensure that we know exactly where these links are coming from. We also individually check each directory against Google's quality indicator to make sure that onnly reputable directories are used.