Lawnmowers UK case study

OpenGlobal was approached by Cheltenham Mowers to manage the promotion of one of their e-commerce websites.

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Cheltenham Mowers had three e-commerce websites, one had been running for 10 years and was well established, a second had been up and running for a few years and was becoming more successful, whilst the third,, was a fairly new website that was still struggling and barely generating a handful of sales per month as no real marketing strategy had been applied to it yet.


It was important that the marketing strategy used for the website did not take sales away from the other two websites so it was important that there was no cross-over between the marketing strategies which could create competition between them.

Ride on LawnmowerAfter a thorough analysis of the promotional strategies used for all three websites, it was realised that several online marketing strategies had not been used for any of the websites yet. OpenGlobal embarked on a wide-ranging marketing strategy, encompassing a range of pay-per-click campaigns, an affiliate marketing campaign, a video campaign as well as assistance with search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media strategy.

Pay-per-click campaigns were set up on,, Ciao/Bing, and

An affiliate marketing campaign was set up through the WebGains affiliate network, operating at a default commission rate of 3%. Normally, we would not recommend an affiliate marketing campaign for a website that isn't already generating a large amount of sales. But as Cheltenham Mowers' other 2 websites were already well established, it was felt that the company was ready, and they had enough sales data on their other websites to justify this strategy.


Visitor numbers increased 1,250% in just over 3 months.

Within 4 months of the affiliate marketing campaign being set up, it was generating more than 60% of the total sales from this website. When combined with the rest of the sales strategy, the website sales increased 1,425%.

OpenGlobal have continued to manage the affiliate marketing and PPC campaigns to ensure continued improvement.

Lawnmowers UK sales increase