VirtueMart Postcode Anywhere Mileage Shipping

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Plus £5 per month support subscription

This VirtueMart 2.x/3.x shipping plugin allows you to use the Postcode Anywhere service to specify shipping rates based on the mileage from a range of locations.

If you are doing your own deliveries (or if your courier charges based on distance), this plugin allows you to charge per mile or per kilometre from your depot (or range of depots). If you specify a range, it will charge based on the distance from the nearest depot. You can perform the calculations using straightline distance, the shortest road distance, or the fastest road distance.

This is based on the standard shipping plugin so can be restricted to certain countries, price boundaries, product weights, etc.

You need to register (and fund) an account with Postcode Anywhere ( in order to use this plugin.

This extension is only compatible with Joomla 1.6-2.5 and VirtueMart 2.x. A demo is available at You can log into the Control Panel using username demo and password demo. Please make use of the demo to make sure that it meets your requirements, because refunds are not available after ordering.

You can simply download the extension and install and configure it yourself (full documentation is included) or choose our "Installed" option and we will install and configure it on your webserver for you.

The price includes the first month's support. A £5 per month (£6 inc VAT) support subscription is automatically included at the checkout which can be cancelled at any time through the PayPal interface.

*Obviously, do not cancel the subscription until after you have downloaded the software and it is working correctly. Cancelling the subscription prevents further downloads and further support will not be given.