VirtueMart Upload Custom Field

Sales price £20.00
Plus £5 per month support subscription

This VirtueMart custom field plugin allows you to request uploaded files from your customers. Works with VirtueMart 2.x, 3.0.4+ (does not work with VM 3.0.0. and 3.0.2) and 4.x.

Simply add this custom field to the relevant products and your visitors can upload a file (or files) when adding the product to the cart. You can also make this a chargeable aspect, so that visitors are charged an extra fee on top of the normal price if they want to upload a file.

This is ideal for printing and personalisation webshops offering the ability to print logos, photos or other items onto their products.

This plugin uses the standard HTML upload input field type and so is not compatible with the AJAX "Add to Cart" popup. This must be disabled to use the standard non-AJAX Add to Cart functionality. This plugin also requires a valid template! There are many custom templates which have been developed by third parties which do not meet the official VirtueMart requirements. You can check if this plugin will work on your template by checking if the Add to Cart form tag has the "product" class in the HTML. If it doesn't have this class, you should be able to change your template to add this requirement.

You can simply download the extension and install and configure it yourself (full documentation is included) or choose our "Installed" option and we will install and configure it on your webserver for you.

The price includes the first month's support. A £5 per month (£6 inc VAT) support subscription is automatically included at the checkout which can be cancelled at any time through the PayPal interface.

*Obviously, do not cancel the subscription until after you have downloaded the software and it is working correctly. Cancelling the subscription prevents further downloads and further support will not be given.