Trusted Shops for OpenCart

Sales price £10.00

This vQmod extension for OpenCart adds the Trusted Shops functionality to your checkout success page.

To install, simply unzip the XML files and place it in your /vqmod/xml directory. Then add the Trusted Shops generic script code the bottom of your footer.tpl file in your template/theme. The Trusted Shops generic script code block will look something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
  (function () {
    var _tsid = '##########################';
    _tsConfig = {
      'yOffset': '0', /* offset from page bottom */
      'variant': 'custom_reviews', /* text, default, small, reviews, custom, custom_reviews */
      'customElementId': 'CustomTrustBadge', /* required for variants custom and custom_reviews */
      'trustcardDirection': 'topRight', /* for custom variants: topRight, topLeft, bottomRight, bottomLeft */
      'customBadgeWidth': '100', /* for custom variants: 40 - 90 (in pixels) */
      'customBadgeHeight': '68', /* for custom variants: 40 - 90 (in pixels) */
      'disableResponsive': 'false', /* deactivate responsive behaviour */
      'disableTrustbadge': 'false', /* deactivate trustbadge */
      'trustCardTrigger': 'mouseenter' /* set to 'click' if you want the trustcard to be opened on click instead */
    var _ts = document.createElement('script');
    _ts.type = 'text/javascript';
    _ts.charset = 'utf-8';
    _ts.async = true;
    _ts.src = '//' + _tsid + '.js';
    var __ts = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
    __ts.parentNode.insertBefore(_ts, __ts);

The price includes the first month's support. A £5 per month (£6 inc VAT) support subscription is automatically included at the checkout which can be cancelled at any time through the PayPal interface.

*Obviously, do not cancel the subscription until after you have downloaded the software and it is working correctly. Cancelling the subscription prevents further downloads and further support will not be given.


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