Mobile websites

OpenGlobal are now offering mobile websites as part of our standard website package to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition in today's mobile world.

Viewing normal websites on small screen smartphones or iphones can be a real hassle, so the most effective websites now have a "mobile" equivalent, dedicated for smartphones. All of the major online brands like Google, Facebook and Twitter have dedicated mobile versions of their websites that automatically redirect mobile phones to the appropriate mobile site to display the information in a way that is much easier to use on small screens.

Now you can join these big names with your own dedicated mobile website that automatically detects mobile phone visitors and seamlessly redirects them to the mobile version of your website.

With more and more people doing the majority of their web browsing on mobile phones, can you afford to miss out on this important market?

Have a look at our mobile website by going to in your mobile phone.

Call OpenGlobal on 0845 269 9624 to find out how you can have your own mobile website as standard.