Save thousands by adding an e-commerce shop to your existing website

Creating a new e-commerce website is an expensive business, potentially costing thousands of pounds. So, OpenGlobal have developed a method to reduce those costs considerably.

A large proportion of the cost of creating an e-commerce website is the overall design. But your current website has already been designed, so why waste money redesigning it?

By eliminating this cost, the next major cost factor is the data-entry of your products.

This is a time consuming process, especially if you have hundreds, or even thousands of products that you want to sell online. So why pay an expensive web consultant to do this part?

It will be much more cost effective for you to simply create a spreadsheet of all of your products that you can give to us to upload to the website. This will automatically configure all of the products without us having to take the time to do it all by hand.

By removing these two unnecessary steps from the process, OpenGlobal can add a sophisticated e-commerce shop to your existing website for as little as £495. This isn't a cut-down e-commerce system, it's the same fully featured systems that are used on thousands of other e-commerce websites around the world. We've just taken out the expensive "man-power" bit.

Main features

  • Unlimited products
  • Fully editable website
  • Unlimited support
  • Integrated with Google Product Search
  • Optional stock control system

Contact us now on 0845 269 9624 to find out how you can turn your website into an e-commerce web shop.