How to sell your products on cashback sites

There are literally hundreds of cashback websites and reward scheme websites around today. The principle is quite simple; just like a supermarket reward card scheme, like Nectar, when you spend with the partner websites, you get rewards, or cashback.

So, as an online retailer, how do you partner with these cashback sites?

The answer is quite simple; with an affiliate marketing campaign.

Like a lot of the most popular sites on the internet, they rely on affiliate campaigns for their revenue. They've been around since the early days of online affiliate marketing, when some websites discovered that the best way to get visitors to follow the affiliate links on their website was to give them a share of the commission.

There are now more cashback sites than you can count though, so which ones should you try to partner with?

Well, it doesn't really matter. All of the biggest and best cashback sites are members of all the major affiliate networks, so as long as you use an affiliate marketing campaign through one of those networks, they'll automatically seek you out. The best ones, and the worst ones, will join your affiliate marketing campaign and do their best to promote you.

The best ones will send you plenty of sales. The worst ones will send you no sales at all, but that doesn't matter, because it won't cost you anything...not even your time.

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