Are you having problems getting a response from your web designer?

It's a story that we hear so very often.

"At the start of the project, the web designer was great at communicating. Everything went so well. We got on really well and we were really happy when the website went live."

"But over the next few months, things got worse and worse."

"Emails didn't get replies. They wouldn't return our phone calls. When we could get through to someone, they weren't very helpful and were just trying to get rid of us."

Why does this happen so often?

This problem seems to be pervasive around the web design industry, and it's because of the business model that so many web designers use.

When customers refer to the "start of the project", most of the web design industry refers to this as just "the project".


Once the website goes live, that's the end of the project as far as most web designers are concerned.

You've paid for the website, that's the job done. The web designer has now moved on to the next project and he doesn't want anything to do with your website any more. It's not earning them any more money.

They don't have the time to answer your questions or respond to your emails, they've got other projects to deal with now. You're no longer paying their wages.

OpenGlobal's business model is fundamentally different.

The "start of the project" is just that, the start.

We prefer to build long term relationships with our clients, and a significant part of that is responding to questions, answering customer emails and providing technical support and advice.

We're fanatical about the support that we provide, and it shows in the testimonials we receive and the referrals that our existing customers send to us.

It doesn't matter how easy it is to use your website software, there will always be something that you need a helping hand with. Otherwise you'd have done the whole thing yourself!

Or if there's a significant change in the industry, how does this affect you?

Or if you have a new idea, can it be done already, or will you need some extra software? And what's the most cost effective way of doing that?

So if you've become unimpressed with your current provider, or you just can't get hold of them at all, give us a call today on 0845 269 9624 to discuss your options.

You don't need to completely redesign your website just to benefit from our continuous support. Migrating your existing company website to our capable hands will assure peace of mind.