Why should new online stores leave AdWords alone?

We've all received those vouchers from Google that offer £25 or £50 worth (or more sometimes) of AdWords credit. And a lot of e-commerce companies have wasted a lot of money starting off with these vouchers and throwing good money after bad.

It's so easy to waste money bidding on the wrong keywords and not understanding the correct ways to anaylse the results. So what can e-commerce companies do that's better than AdWords?

Well, don't go throwing that voucher away just yet. It's not completely worthless.

Let me start off by saying that AdWords can, and does, work. But only if it's done right. It's not very intuitive, and when you're just guessing, that's when the money gets wasted. But hopefully you've guessed that this article isn't about us selling our AdWords management service.

Even when done right, you can still be paying several pounds per visitor on an AdWords campaign, so you'd better hope that those visitors are going to convert into sales.

The Google Shopping system though, generally costs much less per click/visitor. And the great thing about it, is that it's actually managed under the same system as Google AdWords.

Google Shopping listings

Better targeting

With Google Shopping, you're not bidding on keywords, you're advertising your products. These are the listings that you sometimes see in the search results with the product name, a photograph of the product and the price.

With these sorts of ads, you're unlikely to get people clicking on them who are just doing a bit of research for their school project. It's obvious that you click on them to get more info about the products you're looking to buy. The visitors that you get from Google Shopping campaigns, are generally further down the "sales pipeline".

So, not only is Google Shopping cheaper than standard Google AdWords campaigns, the visitors that it sends are generally more likely to buy. Could it get any better?

Well, you can tie this in with a remarketing campaign for even better results. And last of all, once your online shop is generating a consistent income, you can maximise the returns with a well managed AdWords campaign.

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