Have you noticed those adverts that seem to know exactly what you've been looking at?

You look at some products online, and a few hours or days later, you notice adverts for those exact products at the exact same online shops that you were visiting. It's scary when you first see it.

So how does it work? And how can you use it in your online marketing?

The term for this is remarketing, and it is offered by a number of different advertising systems.

Visitor tracking

The basic model is always the same though.

Each of the product pages on an online shop will have some code in it that records what products you've seen. This information is then used to track you.

When you visit other websites, you would normal see adverts related to the website that you are currently visiting. But, when you visit a website that has adverts served by the ad agency being used by the online shop that you previously visited, that ad agency can then display adverts for the specific products that you were looking at.

Your online marketing campaigns

So how can you use this for your online shop?

Well, there are a number of different ad agencies that offer this sort of system, but the key is to use a big ad agency. Remarketing only really works when the ad agency is advertising on enough websites that there is a good chance of your visitors stumbling on them before they buy from someone else.

In the UK, that pretty much means using either Google or Facebook.


Remarketing is usually charged on a pay-per-click basis, so you are only paying when a user clicks on the ad to return to your website. The price per click varies and is frequently an auction-style pricing like the standard Google AdWords, so paying more can get better results.

However, the effectiveness of remarketing is usually much better than something like Google AdWords because it is only ever used as a "repetition". The people seeing these adverts have already seen your website, you're just giving them a reminder. With Google AdWords and other advertising avenues, you are usually trying to get people to click on your ad when they know nothing about you.

Remarketing is using the principle that it takes 7 connections (or however many they're saying these days) before someone will by from you. Remarketing is never the first connection, it's always the second, third, fourth connection. When people are clicking on the remarketing ads, it's usually to buy, not just to browse.

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