Gloucestershire E-commerce group on Facebook

Following on from the success of the LinkedIn group, we've just launched a new Facebook group, Gloucestershire E-commerce, to help local companies to share tips and advice for improving sales in their online shops.

Marketing online shops is fundamentally different to marketing a brochure style website, but unfortunately, most web design companies don't have the experience to understand the differences.

We'll be using this Facebook group to share our insights, as well as tips, advice and suggestions to make the most of your online shop. You can also use it to share your stories to help other local businesses to build on your experience.

Selling online isn't intuitive; we're not taught about it at school; and it's just so different to running a bricks and mortar store. So, let's get together to help each other and take advantage of the technology that's available to drive online sales in a cost effective way.