How secure is your website?

There are some very simple steps that you (or rather, your web designer) can take to secure your website against the majority of hackers. Unfortunately, as we've mentioned many times before, most web designers don't bother.

So we're now offering to test your website for you.

Simply fill in our form with your web site address here.

With the most popular content management systems, it's usually quite easy to tell what version of the software is being used on your website. So from this, we can tell whether it's out of date and whether it has any known security holes.

Be aware that this isn't going to be a comprehensive penetration test. This test is just covering one of the most basic things that most companies neglect (and possibly led directly to the Mossack Fonseca hacking).

At OpenGlobal E-commerce, we take security seriously. All of the websites that we manage are upgraded as and when required to maintain their security without further cost to the customer. Contact us now on 0845 269 9624 if you want the peace of mind that your website is being actively managed.