What does your website look like to search engines?

As I've explained in several previous articles, when search engines look at your website so that they can index it, they don't see it the way you see it.

For a start, search engines don't understand images. They can't tell what's in the images and they can't tell what the images are about or what they're for. They also can't understand fancy javascript or flash.

So, to try to help you to understand what the search engines see when they look at your website, we've created the Search Engine Viewer. Simply enter your website address and click on submit and it shows you what your website looks like with all the things removed that they can't see. It also shows the things that the search engines do see, but you don't.

Give it a go now.

If your page looks largely blank, or completely different to how it should look, you will probably be experiencing ranking problems in the search engines. If the search engines can't see enough of your website to be able to understand what it's about, they won't know which search results to put it in, so they won't put it in any.

Don't worry too much if it looks a bit different, that's to be expected. If you can still read all the writing and if you can still see what the actual content is about, that's a good start.

You only need to worry if your website looks vastly different to how it should.

If you are concerned that search engines might not be able to understand your website adequately, contact us to find out about how it can be improved.