Cookie Law Tool for Joomla


It is now a legal requirement in the EU that all websites obtain visitor consent for using cookies. There are many very prominent cookie law tools around to satisfy this, but we (and our clients) didn't want a huge cigarette-packet style warning on our websites. So, we created the most discreet yet still legally compliant* cookie law tool, and you can now download it for free and use it on your Joomla website.

Simply click on the zip icon above to download the tool, and install it in the usual fashion. Configure the plugin in the Plugin Manager with the link to your Privacy Policy page and enable the plugin.

You can optionally set a countdown timer to automatically accept the cookies and you can add javascript functions to be called when acceptance is given.

For full details of how this works, check out our cookie law tool info page.

This plugin places a small discreet acceptance box in the top right hand corner of the page when a visitor first arrives at the website. The visitor can click "Yes" to accept cookies and continue through the website, or click "No" and are directed away from the website altogether.

If the visitor chooses to ignore the acceptance box but continues using the website, the tool uses implied consent. When the visitor clicks a link to another page on the website, this is considered acceptance. The visitor will not see the tool again (unless they clear their cookies or use another computer).

This plugin is provided completely free of charge in return for the backlink on the widget which you can see on the screenshot above.

There is also has an option that converts the plugin to also be W3C compliant on HTML5 sites.


* We obviously cannot guarantee legal compliance because even the ICO (the body charged with policing this law in the UK) do not understand the exact requirements necessary to satisfy the law. However, we have had this tool informally inspected by 2 independent solicitors who have confirmed that it is "probably" compliant. That's about as good as you're going to get.