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OpenGlobal Random Ad Inserter

This is a clever plugin for the Joomla CMS that randomly inserts your Google Adsense or YPN code into your articles. After you install the plugin, just enter your ad code (or any code at all, it doesn't have to be an ad) into the text box, set the number of times you want it randomly inserted into each article and tell it which articles and pages you want to exclude. Once the plugin is enabled it will randomly insert the code into your articles between paragraphs.

This plugin is based on the same concept as the Adsense and YPN Inserter plugin but has been completely rewritten by somebody who can actually program. It uses a fraction of the code, provides much more flexibility and doesn't break W3C compliance for no apparent reason.

You can download the plugin for free.

When you hire an electrician, how do you know how good the work is that he does? If you're not an electrician yourself, you won't be able to tell a good job from a shoddy one. It may look alright to a layman like you or me, but underneath, it could be a serious health and safety hazard.

So, we have to rely on third parties. We only hire electricians that have a City & Guilds certificate (or similar), and we always look for electricians that are accredited to their trade organisations.

The same goes with plumbers and all kinds of other contractors.

But what about web designers?

Well there's some good news and some bad news.

We have the unhappy task of working in a notorious cowboy industry. Luckily, as one of the few competent and professional companies in this industry, it is paying us massive dividends.

Whereas our competitors in the web design and development areas are usually just ignorant, incompetent and unprofessional, our competitors in the search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy areas are frequently downright fraudulent. This article will explain some of the facts about search engine optimisation to hopefully dispell some of the myths and lies that are often expounded by SEO consultants.