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OpenGlobal are introducing a new referral incentive.

For every referral that our clients (or anybody really) send to us, we will give 15% of any initial fees. This includes consultancy days, website design/redesign and setup, and search engine optimisation.

Getting traffic (visitors) to your website is all well and good, but that doesn't make them customers, or even leads. Usability is what takes them to the next step.

Every website has hundreds, thousands or even millions of competitors. If your visitors can't find what they want straight away, they'll go to your competitors instead.

Following on from our previous study (which found that 94% of websites aren't written correctly), OpenGlobal have been conducting some more tests. This time to find out how many websites have not been written according to the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Disability Discrimination Act requires all websites to be written in such a way that does not impede disabled users and takes into consideration the requirements of specialist software and auxilliary aids that disabled users might use.

Some people are under the impression that SEO is some kind of immoral tactic for gaining an unfair advantage over your competitors, or that it involves tricking the search engines into giving you higher rankings.

But this is not the case. The search engines actually recommend search engine optimisation and even give advice on good SEO tactics. There's nothing immoral or devious about it. SEO is not a crime.

What are your target keywords?

This question was met with incredulity from a search engine optimisation client recently. "Isn't it obvious?"

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