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It used to be said that if it's not on the internet, it doesn't exist. Well, that needs to be taken a step further with the coming of social networking sites.

Take a look at this video which is starting to go viral:

This month, OpenGlobal have been conducting some tests to find out how prevalent badly written websites are.

We selected 294 websites from Gloucestershire-based companies and tested them against the W3C standards compliance test. The W3C is the web standards organisation that basically dictates how a website should be written. So failure to adhere to these standards means that your website is not written correctly.

Accessibility is just a term used to describe the ability of various disabled groups to be able to use your website.

There are some industry standards known as WCAG that define how a website should be written so that it is accessible to disabled users and also the specialist software used by disabled users. Unlike most web designers, OpenGlobal follow these standards. They are fairly simple to comply with so there's no reason for not doing it.

Some people are worried about the legal situation regarding website accessibility.

Discount codes, or voucher codes, or promo codes, are all the rage these days. But a lot of the discount codes that you see are clearly not helping the retailer to improve their revenue or their profit.

Finding web designers in Gloucester and the surrounding area is a simple task. There are nearly 200 web designers in Gloucestershire alone. It is narrowing them down that is the problem.

A word of mouth recommendation is a good way of choosing one, but failing that, here's a few ways that you can rule out a large number of them.

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