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When you are having a website designed for you, there are two sorts of companies that can design one for you; an IT company, or a creative design company.

Creative design companies are doing very well, and it's not surprising, they are producing some fantastic looking websites. They come out with really impressive designs with rich functionality and it looks liek the future is already here when you see what they can produce for you.

But what about IT companies?

What's the point of going to an IT company for a website? A website is like a brochure, isn't it? It just needs to look good and impress the visitors, doesn't it?

There is a big movement in the web design community promoting the adoption of CSS positioning instead of using tables for layout.

Unfortunately, the big argument in favour of it tends to be "it's newer therefore it's better".


That doesn't wash with me. There are countless times when a new IT technology has been proven to be inferior to an older technology. The "newness" of a technology means nothing.

OpenGlobal JEA Advanced Search

This is a very simple module for adding an advanced search to a module position on your JEA-based Joomla website. It is based on the standard JEA search module but gives advanced search options instead of just a simple search.

You can download the module for free.

OpenGlobal AddThis

This is a very simple module for adding the AddThis tool to a module position on your Joomla website. It is based on the JSP AddThis module but simplifies and fixes it as it has a bug meaning that the button image can not be modified.

You can download the module for free.

OpenGlobal W3C Ampersands for Joomla

This Joomla plugin converts your non-compliant ampersands to W3C compliant "&". Simply install the plugin, enable it and change the order to last position to make sure you catch everything. Any ampersands on your pages which are not being used in a HTML entity will be converted to &.

Any ampersands in Javascript blocks are ignored and left alone

You can download the plugin for free.

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