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You may have seen all of the news lately about the new Google Instant. This is new behaviour that dynamically changes the search results as you type your query. You have to be logged in to a Google account for this feature to be activated and this is because the search results are tailored exclusively for your search history on that account. So if you're seeing different results to everyone else, does that mean SEO (search engine optimisation) is now worthless?

Just a few tips for social networking. Don't just jump on the band wagon without thinking about what you're doing.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for monitoring your website and helping to suggest improvements. But there is a lot of information in there that it can seem really confusing. What about the Page Overlay? What's that all about?

The Page Overlay feature will show you each of your pages and will mark each of the links with the number of clicks they received and/or the percentage of total clicks that was for that page. You can then follow the links around your site to see the results for those pages. At first, this seems like a really cool feature, but it can leave you wondering what the actual point of it is.

Every day, people ask me what the secret is to getting good rankings for a website, or what the secret is to making money online. And the truth is, there is no secret, just hard work.

It's just like the offline world, there's no secret to easy millions in the offline world, and there's no secret online either. There's no secret knowledge or understanding that will instantly make your website a success and have the revenue pouring in.

Social networking is one of the latest buzzwords in the IT industry at the moment, and many people are dabbling with it, and most are failing abysmally.

There are, however, a small number of big successes where companies are seeing a large increase in custom from their social networking activities. So what are they doing right that everyone else is doing wrong?

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