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The next seminar in the OpenGlobal series of free seminars will be on Wednesday 25th of November 2015 at Pure Offices, Gloucester, covering the topic of Selling Effectively on the Internet.

The seminar is aimed both at companies who do not currently sell on the internet, and those who are already selling on the internet but want to see better results.

We've all received those vouchers from Google that offer £25 or £50 worth (or more sometimes) of AdWords credit. And a lot of e-commerce companies have wasted a lot of money starting off with these vouchers and throwing good money after bad.

It's so easy to waste money bidding on the wrong keywords and not understanding the correct ways to anaylse the results. So what can e-commerce companies do that's better than AdWords?

The web has an reputation for being a cheap marketing channel. So there are a wealth of companies offering "budget SEO", or "SEO included" services. But are these services worthwhile? And if not, what is a realistic cost of SEO?

The W3C is an organisation set up by the major players on the internet (particularly the web browser developers) to decide on standards for the different web languages, such as HTML. For anybody who remembers creating websites in the early days of the web, before the standards, you will realise how important these standards are.

But what does it mean to you as a website owner?

This is a question we are often asked. The client is eager to get their online shop up and running as soon as possible, and they want to get some plans in order for marketing, stock, etc.

So how long can it take, and how long should it take?

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