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This is quite a brief article to just point out something that a lot of people haven't realised about the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Hopefully we all know that the main principle behind the DPA is that you can't divulge someone's personal information or contact details to a third party without their consent.

WordPress is probably the best known content management system. It's very easy to use, there are lots of plugins for it and there are a lot of web designers who use it exclusively for all of their clients.

So is it the best system to use?

We're going to be slated by our competitors for this article. Why would a web design agency tell people they don't need a website?!

Well, there are really only 2 main reasons for having a website, and if you don't have thoses reasons (or one we haven't thought of) then there's no point wasting your time and money.

OpenGlobal E-commerce has experience with a wide range of content management systems (CMS), but Joomla tends to be our default one. So, out of all of the CMSes available, does this mean we think that it's the best one?

It's all too easy as a non-technical person to assume that becoming a success online is a box ticking exercise. You've got a website, tick; you've had it "SEO'd", tick; you've got a twitter account, tick; you've got a mobile optimised website, tick. The list goes on.

Too many web designers and other "web" companies have given this impression because that's how they do business. They're not interested in making you succesful, they're just interested in selling their chosen service.

This creates a problem for us, because that's not how we do business, and it sometimes means that we lose a prospect.

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