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When buying online, you can't pick up and feel the products, hold them in your hand and turn them around to see them at different angles. All you have to go on are the photos (or even better, a video).

So when selling online, your photos are vitally important.

The big mistake that most e-commerce companies make is to just use the stock photo from the manufacturer.
These photos are usually very professionally produced, but when all of your competitors are showing exactly the same photo, what makes you stand out?

Email spam is one of the great annoyances of the modern age. Sometimes it seems that no sooner have you created your new email address than it is deluged with spam.

Spam filters help to alleviate the problem, but they're far from perfect. They often miss spam and allow it through, whilst mistakenly filtering out genuine emails.

Yet spam is completely preventable.

More than 95% of the websites that we see are breaking at least one UK law. The reason is basically that the vast majority of web design agencies are nothing short of cowboys and the internet is the new lawless wild west. Nobody seems to take an interest in the laws that apply to websites and the internet, not even those organisations whose job is to police those laws!

So, what are the basic things that you need to do?

There are no formal qualifications to become a web designer. There are no accreditations and there's no such thing as a chartered web designer. Literally anybody can set themselves up as a web designer, and from what we've seen, literally anybody does.

The vast majority of web designers have never run a successful web business themselves. And almost all of them seem to think that creating a website is just a design process. They can create beautiful websites that don't bring in any business.

So what can you do to avoid the cowboys?

Here are some questions to ask the next time a web designer is pitching for your business.

OpenGlobal E-commerce is one of the few web design agencies to even try to produce legally compliant websites. But there is one specific law that we suggest you break. And we only do this so that you can keep in with the spirit of the law, by breaking the letter of the law.


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