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When setting up an e-commerce website, a lot of people choose PayPal as their payment provider. It's a easy way to accept credit cards and for low levels of sales, it can be more cost effective than a full merchant account.

But here is another consideration. PayPal is NOT a merchant account. What does this mean?

If you have an e-commerce website, getting your products (or services) onto Google Base/Google Marketplace/Froogle (or whatever they've decided to call it when you read this) is essential.

Usually this is just a case of signing up and submitting the "product feed" which is automatically created by your e-commerce software.

The next problem is how to get good rankings for your products, which isn't as easy as it first seems.

Web designers are traditionally seen as some of the most unprofessional and shoddy people working in IT (especially by professionals elsewhere in the IT industry). I'll explain why by showing some examples of stereotypical web designer behaviour applied to the car design industry.

This is just our light-hearted take on the old "If Microsoft made cars" jokes that went around.

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The next in OpenGlobal and Viso Marketing's series of seminars will help you understand the mysteries of online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

These seminars are unique in that they cover both the technical and marketing aspects, to give you a fully rounded approach to web marketing.

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